Love in Action:

The Ahimsa Masterclass


3 Keys to Embody Ahimsa in Your Life,

Practice & Teaching

July 5

12 PM PST / 3 PM EST


Love in Action:

The Ahimsa Masterclass


3 Keys to Embody Ahimsa in Your Life,

Practice & Teaching

July 5

12 PM PST / 3 PM EST

Ahimsa (non-harm) encourages us to care for each other as the foundation of our yoga practice.

When we go beyond Asana and prioritize our practice of yoga philosophy, we uncover a whole new realm of spiritual, mental, and physical fulfillment and well-being.

Respecting boundaries is part of yoga values called Ahimsa!

And as a practitioner for over 20 years, it’s one of the most transformative part of yoga practice for me.

Learn more about how setting boundaries with love is part of yoga - and how yoga practice can bring you more peace and happiness.

Are you ready to embody the rich treasures of authentic yoga, beyond Asana?

Would you like to LIVE and BREATHE yoga so fully that when you walk into class, your embodied presence fills the space and immediately embraces your students in love, support and safety?

Would you like to have yogic wisdom pouring from your being so that you can serve your community authentically as an embodied yoga leader?

Yes! I’m Here to Live Authentic Yoga

In this FREE MASTERCLASS, I’m going to help you to reclaim your power and feel confident in your journey of embodying authentic yoga.

Bring all your dreams, all your doubts, and all your questions to this class… together we will explore yoga philosophy and how it can dissolve doubt and oppression (within and without) and create a diverse, equitable and inclusive yoga culture.

In this Masterclass, we’re going to cover the following 3 Keys to Embody Ahimsa in Your Life, Practice & Teaching:

Love | Disrupting Harm with Devotion | Embodied Practice

you will:

  • Discover 3 Key practices that will transform your personal sadhana (yoga practice) from the heart of the Yoga tradition (that often isn’t taught in YTT)
  • Learn the full, revolutionary history and practice of ahimsa in India and what this means for you today
  • Experience an Ahimsa Sadhana - Mantra, Mudra and Meditation practices to accessibly experience Ahimsa in your life and integrate & go deeper with yoga and truly embody yoga’s profound teachings.
  • PLUS: Receive “The Liberate Your Yoga Exercise” about the hidden powers the full path of yoga gives you.

    You do NOT need to be a yoga teacher and you do NOT need to have ANY qualifications to come to this free masterclass! Many attendees will be yoga teachers, but this is for everyone who loves yoga and wants to deepen their practice as a pathway to a more equitable world.

    All you need is an open mind and heart, and a desire to grow in yoga to create positive personal & social change.

Are you ready to BECOME Love in Action?

Does this sound like you?

  • You feel a special love for yoga and when you go to teach, to yoga classes or practice at home you wish you could relate to yoga more intimately
  • At the end of your yoga class or home practice you wish you knew how to bring the peace you felt during your practice off the mat and into your life
  • You find yourself feeling uncomfortable teaching or taking yoga classes because you have a sense that your practice is disconnected from yoga’s roots
  • You want to be confident that the way you practice and teach yoga is honoring yoga’s roots and contributing to decolonization and equity
  • When you think about going deeper with yoga, you have a voice in your head telling you “I can’t” or “I’m not ready” or “I am not what a yogi looks like” (Not true!)
  • You are passionate about creating a more equitable world and want to show up in the world as a catalyst for positive change with skills and tools from yogic roots

If any of these ring true, then Love in Action: The Ahimsa Masterclass is just for you!

About Your Teacher

Susanna Barkataki, M.Ed, E-RYT 500, Yoga Therapist, Ayurvedic Practitioner & Indian Yoga Teacher in the Shankaracharya Tradition. Founder of Ignite Institute for Yogic Leadership and Social Change, bestselling Author of Embrace Yoga’s Roots: Courageous Ways to Deepen Your Yoga Practice.

Vision: A world where 1 million yoga practitioners are culturally aware and change the world with yoga bringing unity & equity for all.

Mission: To honor the roots of yoga. Ignite Institute trainings yoga leaders in authentic yoga to create personal and social change. Her Embody Yoga’s Roots YTT's are currently shifting the paradigm of what yoga looks like in the West, with a commitment to at least 60% BIPOC students per cohort.

Susanna Barkataki
M.Ed., E-RYT 500, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga Therapist

A Note from Susanna

Welcome, I’m so happy you’re here! I want you to know how passionate I am about helping you to overcome that debilitating whisper, disrupt internalized oppression, explore your true journey with yoga, share your voice loud and clear, and embody the archetypes of a yoga leader - so you can build the sustainable yoga practice you really want and together we can create a more equitable world.

I can’t wait to share the keys from Yoga Sutras and the powers of Love, Disrupting Harm with Devotion and Embodied Practice with you so you can build a sustainable yoga practice and create the impact you’ve been dreaming about. 🔥

Can’t make it live? — No problem — Sign up now and you won’t miss out (this one is not-to-be-missed) 🔥 We’ll make sure to send you a recording of the call!

What People are Saying:

"Susanna Barkataki's work is vital medicine for yoga today; her sincerity and intentionality invite us to choose connection over separation, honor the roots of the practice and bring it to life. Study, absorb and share this with your community--watch the lines of communication open and expand."

- Elena Brower, Bestselling author of "Practice You" and "Art of Attention"

"As a Black woman, Yoga Teacher and educator, I find Susanna Barkataki’s work essential to understanding how we share yoga with the world."

- Diane Bondy, Founder of Yoga for All 

“With Susanna’s teachings, I feel more equipped to mobilize without staying paralyzed with discontentment."

- Julie, Yoga Teacher

“Because of our time together, my realizations and the many energetic insights poured in, I am equipped to continue on my path, authentically. The future is brighter than ever imagined.”

- Kristen, Yoga Teacher

“I feel I am relearning everything from you. What you teach helps me learn no harm. These are the conversations yoga lovers should be having. The Yoga Alliance and every teacher should have to participate in this and it should become required in yoga training.”

- Ashante, Yoga Teacher

Are you ready for more depth, authenticity, and confidence in your yoga practice?

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