Yoga not as a workout,

but a spiritual practice.

Yoga Class Curator is a year-long membership

for yoga practitioners & teachers to be

nourished & spiritually held in the ❤️ of yoga so you can confidently live and lead with yoga.

It's simple. Go deep.


Yoga Class Curator serves historically excluded yoga practitioners & teachers (Women, BIPOC, GLBTQIA+, bigger bodied, disabled folks) with our proprietary method & sangha community where you learn, lead & deepen in authentic yoga.

+ Class Plans

so you stop doubting yourself

& always know what to teach!

Be confident in yoga by immersing yourself in deep yogic wisdom.

Journey with Rich Yoga Traditions made Easy

Go from Lone Wolf to
Part of the Pack

Teach with Confidence and Expand Your Impact

Yoga is not something you do, it’s something you are.

This is why I created Yoga Class Curator full of the heart of yoga.

It's the only Award Winning training in "Thought Leadership in Yoga"

Full of the expanse of yoga philosophy, Mantra, mudra, pranayama, dharma talks, and sequences.

Simple. Accessible. True Yoga.

Develop Yoga Class Curator Habits so you can avoid burnout and stress. Practice and teach the deep ❤️ of yoga with confidence.

Susanna Restival Bio Headshot

Susanna Barkataki


Yoga teachers trained in workshops, YTTs and courses on authentic yoga


Years personally studying and practicing yoga with teachers in India and the US


International Bestselling author of Embrace Yoga’s Roots: Courageous Ways to Deepen Your Practice

Here’s How it Works:


Become a Member of the Yoga Class Curator Community

Choose between a monthly payment plan or full pay for a 10% discount.


Infuse Your Life with Authentic Yoga over the course of 12 months

You’ll begin with rituals, dharma talks, & bringing the Yoga Class Curator Asana sequences to your mat and to your students and deepening.


Live and Teach as a Confident, Embodied Yoga Leader

Beyond being a yoga teacher or practitioner, you will be living as an embodied yoga leader, deeply rooted in yogic wisdom.

Evidence-Based Framework

Yoga Spiritual Growth Path

The Yoga Spiritual Growth Path takes you from Yoga Practitioner or Teacher to Embodied Yoga Leader

Students Speak

Transformations in Yoga Class Curator

“I love that the content is so down to earth - it applies to my daily life.

I am also really enjoying the biweekly community time.and accountability to stay on the path.”

- Anna, Mindfulness Practitioner  

“Susanna's work is a breath of fresh air in the yoga community. Highly recommend.”

- Amaz, Yoga Practitioner

“This program gives clear steps to living yoga and honoring yoga.

This is the real deal.”

- Shante, Yoga Teacher

“Susanna takes you on a journey of self discovery through yoga and more🙏🏽 "

- Saraja, Yoga Teacher

What’s Inside?

Yoga Class Curator gives you Award Winning authentic yoga and teaching support.

Issue 1:

Non-harm and care

Issue 2:


Issue 3:


Issue 4:

Energy management

Issue 5:

Letting go

Issue 6:

Clarity and insight

Issue 7:

Passionate joy

Issue 8:

Dance of discipline & devotion

Issue 9:

Self inquiry

Issue 10:
Ishvara Pranidhana

Divine connection

Issue 11:
Dharana & Dhyana

Focus, drishti, decolonize & harmonize

Issue 12:

Creative reclaiming & connection to the heart of yoga

Each Issue in this Core Curriculum Contains:


Done-For-You Asana Sequences to practice and teach. Trauma informed and accessible, based on yogic values from the Yamas and Niyamas.


Yoga Philosophy Dharma Talk Videos bring yogic traditions alive for you now! On-Demand Mythological Storytime, Sutras, and ritual with Susanna.


Guided Practices based on a Yama or Niyama support you in embodying a deeper understanding of authentic yoga. Sādhana practices include Mantra, Mudra, Pranayama and Meditation.


Yoga sutras and mantras so you can deepen and grow authentically. Mantra is a key part of any traditional yoga practice.

Live Q&A Support:

Join Susanna for a powerful, intimate space for live Q and A’s. Come for inspiration, practice, like minded community, accountability, uplift, learning and fun!

Pilgrimage & Puja:

On these live calls, you’ll receive key rituals, practices and expertise from cutting edge yoga leaders to support your amplified growth and confident yoga leadership.

Spiral deeper. PLUS, you receive these BONUSES:


Curated Social Content You can Grab and GO!


Yoga Sutra Study Guide


Personal Sādhana Action Plan


Access Wisdom Teachers

Altogether, you’re getting

$5,500+ worth of value,

for the special price of

Most Accessible


Best Value


Full Pay (Save 10%)

Students Speak

on learning experiences with us

“This is exactly what I was looking for to dive deeper into the philosophy and meaning behind yoga, not just asanas.

I feel more connected to my culture and heritage as well.”

- Rohini, Yoga Teacher

“I am blown away by how much there is to learn and how I crave to just sit and read and listen and learn so much I didn’t know before.

Thank you for your generosity in sharing so many riches and treasures in this this YCC program.

- Jaime, Yoga Teacher

“Completely exceeded my expectations! You are one of the best educators I have ever had the pleasure of learning from!”

- Lana, Yoga Studio Owner

“Susanna's teachings are incredible. They taught me so much and inspired me to go back into deeply studying yoga's roots and philosophy. Thank you! 🙏🏽”

- Chelsea, Yoga Teacher

Your impact on your students will be limited or expanded by the depth of your personal practice and experience.

Get the leading experience in Embracing Yoga's Roots right in your living room.

Join us in community to nourish yourself and infuse your life with yoga’s roots, so that you can be the change the world needs as an embodied, authentic yoga leader.

YES! This program is intended to create spiritual depth and an ongoing community of practice. There are yoga teacher trainings, but what after? Within the lineage, there is ongoing study with a mentor or a teacher. In traditional yoga, it's not like you do a YTT and you are done. You have an ongoing learning and studentship and forever deepen your practice. Yoga Class Curator is here to support you with living and embodying your practice before, during and after YTT.

Upon completion of this course and all requirements, you will receive a certificate of completion from Ignite Institute for Yogic Leadership and Social Change. Ignite is a registered training school recognized and approved by Yoga Alliance. Susanna Barkataki, Ignite Institute's founder and lead teacher, is an E-RYT-500 and Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider (YAECP.) Yoga Teachers will receive 20 Continuing Education units (CE's) for Yoga Alliance (YA). (20 units is the maximum non-contact hour YA allows per year.) You will receive your electronic Certificate of Completion for Yoga Class Curator once you have completed the course and submit your Yoga Sadhana Pathway, as well as your evaluation form at the end of the course.

This program begins right away when you enroll. You get immediate access to the introductory course "Yoga Spiritual Growth Path" and the first issue, AHIMSA.

Your deep dive into the heart of yoga begins right away. You'll get a special welcome as you prepare for your adventure into living yoga. Each month you'll enjoy a yoga experience. Your life will be enriched by the dharma talk, mantra, meditation, Mudra and practice anchoring you through the month. You can attend the Puja and Pilgrimage and Office Hours with Susanna live or watch the recording afterwards On Demand, as you prefer. Your life will be enriched by living yoga fully and you can start right now!

No! You just need a sincere desire to learn the heart of yoga and maybe want to deepen your practice! Though many students are yoga teachers, you don't have to be a yoga teacher. Students from all different backgrounds from education to mental health have taken this curriculum and benefited. All you need is a sincere desire to learn.

This program is specially designed to support you through a transformative educational process. This is a year-long program created to support you in achieving your goals of consistent practice, deeper understanding, building community and spiritual growth with yoga. Over the course of the year there will be breaks and creative spaces that can be engaged with non-linearly. So you can start now and continue to digest as you evolve and grow over the year. If you are enjoying deepening with yoga and desire an ongoing space of study and practice, you're welcome to re-enroll and stay in YCC for another year, for as long as you'd like. The curriculum will grow and build each year.

Live Pilgrimage and Pujas are included each month on the last Wednesday of the month at 1 PM PST/ 4 PM EST / 9PM GMT. Susanna holds a powerful experience for you to embody the energy of the moment, hone your practice, and refine the yoga you really love - aligned with your values! These Pilgrimages and Pujas can change the trajectory of participants' days, months and careers and are a hugely impactful part of the program! Participants LOVE these deep dive sessions and rave about their benefits!

You are enrolling in a year-long program. Due to the in-depth nature of Yoga Class Curator and this work you are accountable to pay for the year and there is a no refund policy for course participation. We offer the extended payment plan as a courtesy upon request of many of our students to create greater access. Please see our Terms for more details.

YES, you can do this! This course is for anyone who loves yoga. It is easily accessible and do-able, plus you have access to it for the entire year to go deeper and deeper!
Any growth worth really diving into will often bring up some nervousness. This nervousness is often a great sign that you are ready to grow in a meaningful way. This experience is here to support you.
It may get a little uncomfortable at times, but you will be supported by the meditations, journal prompts and community here to engage and uplift you.
If you are here, I know you are a seeker who wants to bring more vitality and authenticity to your yoga practice. You really care about this stuff. And that is great, because I do too, and we are in this together! You've got this! Reclaiming, unpacking and honoring yoga is such a worthwhile adventure.

This is "yoga school," not "school" school. It's a yoga learning and deepening experience! If you are willing to invest about an hour a week and show up for your own yoga practice and growth, you can totally do this! Each month is a yoga experience with a yoga philosophy Dharma Talk, one Asana practice as well as a guided meditation and action/reflection section. You can watch/listen on the go and complete the practices on your own time. We've got some great incentives inside the course to keep you motivated and on track as you are learning! It's decolonized learning and yoga experience. The practices are short, do-able and based on an evidence based system to anchor in depth of practice for your success.

This is more of a practice than a course. It is supportive and evidence-based to give you the benefits of consistent practice, depth of understanding and spiritual growth with yoga. It is specifically designed by an educator to be accessible, thought-provoking, challenging in all the right ways - as well as enjoyable. Each of the short and informational experiences will help you deepen your connection to yoga while helping you gain time back to do things you want to do in life, with more care and presence!
I often say, no matter how far we've strayed, all it takes is one decision to come back to alignment.
As a teacher, I think about the best ways that people REALLY LEARN! So we've got some ritualized practices too - that means some fun and great tools inside the course to keep you motivated and on track as you are learning!

Your investment in the program supports you as well as other folks in learning, deepening in honoring the roots of yoga. A portion of the profits goes to supporting the roots of yogic traditions in yoga's homeland of India as well as to support equity and diversity initiatives in Yoga in the West.

We want everyone to have access to going deeper with yoga, and this is why we've already configured this course to give you maximum value. We've brought the price down below value to create greater access.

Because we offer this low price given the value, and offer an extended payment plan, at this time we do not offer scholarships for Yoga Class Curator. We focus our fundraising and scholarship efforts towards Yoga Teacher Training. We would love to have you join us in Yoga Class Curator to dive deep, embody, practice, and live authentic yoga.

Other questions?

Email hello@ignitebewell.com and someone on our team will be happy to help!

In Yoga Class Curator,

Yoga is for everybody. 

You know Yoga isn’t a workout. It’s a work-in. Now it's time to live it & share it!

Experience yoga with spirituality

integrity & teaching support you deserve

It can be simple. Go deep.

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