Ignite your yoga leadership with authenticity, equity and confidence.

200 Hour Foundations Yoga Teacher Training 2021

Presented by

Susanna Barkataki and
Ignite | Yoga and Wellness Institute

 Taught by Susanna Barkataki, M.Ed. E-RYT 500, C-IAYT,
Certified Health Coach Ayurvedic Practitioner and Guest Teachers 


Yogis looking to advance your practice, deepen, teach and become a culturally informed leader in our 5-month Online YTT 200 hour program.

Prerequisite: Interest in deepening with yoga. You DO NOT need to have an “advanced practice” whatever that means, (or even be able to touch your toes!) just an open mind and heart, interest in equity and willingness to learn and grow. 


Deepen in yoga, honor roots, and bring your peace and power to the next level through weekly in-depth classes and intensives online over 5 months. Take steps to deepening your practice, integrating equity and authenticity, learn yoga history and philosophy, how to confidently create your own home practice, cue and teach in person or online.


Go deeper with well-rounded yoga education to honor yoga's roots. Bring the great feeling you get on your yoga mat into the rest of your life. Deepen your practice, experience authentic community, decolonize, and become a yoga leader as you learn to embody and teach yoga now.

Train to be a cutting-edge yoga leader by getting your YTT 200 hour online.


You are who we have been waiting for. We are always evolving in our relationship to yoga. Feel the rituals of the energy of yoga come alive in you, through learning elemental movement, music, herbs, art, smells, senses, spirit and ceremony. We learn and deepen in many ways, come alive and create elemental space for a depth of practice your soul has been longing for and our spirits only imagined. Dive into your own remembering, into the roots of yoga beyond time, space and place igniting yoga’s depths in your life in this and every moment.


Online community right where you are: January 4, 2021 - May 2021. YTT online module training content available in the Course Portal with convenient access anytime on your schedule. Live immersive training once a week on Mondays. You pick your cohort time: 2-4:30 PM EST or 7-9:30 PM EST over Zoom. We will have monthly weekend intensive deep dives (2-5pm EST / Sat and Sun) as our virtual retreat 1x each month. Dates and guest speakers subject to change. Deepen your yoga practice, honor yoga’s roots and live a life you love through yoga. 


200 Hour YTT Content Overview

Prepare. Lay the foundation and understand context. Rituals rooted in reclaiming the soul of yoga.

Yoga's Authentic Roots, History, Philosophy and Practice bring Your Yoga to Life

M1 Yogas Roots, Ethics and Philosophy

Yogic cosmology and philosophy, 8 Limbed Path. Yamas, Niyamas, Ethics and foundations.
Language of Yoga: Intro to Sanskrit, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. 

M2 Yoga and Power, Privilege and the Yogic Science of Social Justice

Decolonizing Your Yoga, Power, Privilege and Social Justice, Cultural Appropriation and Liberatory Practice, Inclusive Language. Honoring Our Ancestors and Teachers, Connection. Intention, aspiration, finding your ground, enlivening your practice. 


Kelley Palmer

Melissa Shah

M3 Meditation and Yoga Psychology

Mindfulness and the Yogic Mind, Meditation in Daily Life, the Yogic Lifestyle + Doing What you Love. Yogic Psychology, Holding Space, Ethics of Teaching, Boundaries; Trauma Informed Practice: Creating Safe, Sacred Space and Classroom Safety.

M4 Anatomy and Chakra Energy Anatomy for Yogis

Physical Anatomy, Applied Movement Science, Non-judgment, non competitive, Body Positive + Acceptance and Celebration, Chakras, nadis, and energy anatomy.


Jesal Parikh - Deep Dive into Functional Yoga Anatomy

Jomiryz Baquero-Thomas

Jomiryz Baquero-Thomas

M5 Pranayama and Bandhas

Pranayama and Bandhas, the Liberatory power of the breath; using energy for holistic healing. Overcoming internal blocks.

M6 Sanskrit Poses and Accessible Sequencing

The Language of Yoga, Cultivating power, love and strength, Expressing your voice, Trans inclusive teaching, Sequencing, Enhanced skills of insight and clarity in cuing. Sequencing and Cuing for freedom + Integration.


Prince Puja

Prince Puja

Lakshmi Nair

M7 Ayurveda, Mantra and Mudra

Transformative Power of Yoga;  the Yogic path. Lifestyle therapies, Meditation Practices and Philosophies.

M8 How to Teach Confidently

Authentic Voice, Authentic Practice,  Yoga

Transformative power of sound and space, Celebration and Deepening the Heart of Your Liberatory, Integrated Teacher’s Practice, Growth and Evolution. Gratitude and honoring our lineage and roots, sharing the practice, celebration. Enhanced skills of presence and abundance.


Tejal Patel

Samantha Santiago

Samantha Santiago

M9 Trauma Informed Yoga Leadership

Trauma informed yoga, Love, forgiveness and the power of yoga as transformation. Seva, service and bhakti yoga, Clear cultural foundation of understanding, owning your roots, sharing from a place of presence + power. Modifications and Cuing for safety and injury prevention.

M10 Business and Impact of Yoga for Social Change

Ignite your leadership and business vision, social change and personal transformation, Leading with ethics and yogic business, Amplify your leadership and business aspirations.


Jeanine T. Abraham

Jasmine Hines

Jasmine Hines


The YTT 200 Hour Training will create an immersive learning environment and foster an enhanced understanding and experience.

Techniques, Training and Practice, Trauma informed Teaching Methodology, Anatomy and Physiology, Yoga Humanities and Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics, Mentorship and Practical Application.

“SO much useful information. The course surpassed my expectations with the amount of content, videos, meditations, live calls, and free downloads.”

- Yoga Studio Owner

I highly recommend her teachings as a way to educate and build awareness of cultural erasure and cultural appropriation of yoga in the West.

- Anusha Wijeyakumar, Founder WOC and Wellness

"I absolutely recommend this to all sincere yoga students and teachers as a necessary step on the path of awakening.”

- Kino Macgregor, OmStars

What will I learn?

Highlights of what you will study during this training include:

When you align more and more with yoga itself - your wisdom becomes timeless! 

8 limbs as the Heart of Yoga

  • Ayurveda
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Restorative & Yoga Nidra
  • Chakra Anatomy and Koshas
  • Energy Body Psychology
  • Anatomy for Yogis
  • Planning a Retreat
  • Designing a Workshop
  • Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras Study
  • Baghavad Gita
  • Bhakti Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga
  • Hinduism, Yin Yoga & Buddhism
  • The Power of Teaching
  • Equity Inclusivity
  • Social Justice 
  • Power and privilege
  • Adaptive Yoga
  • Yoga Play for Kids
  • Mantra/Kirtan
  • Pre/Post Natal Yoga
  • Art Meditations
  • Ayurveda through Yoga—practice, experience, and intuitive wisdom, Dinacharya—routines for health and well-being, such as self-massage and daily cleansing of the other senses.
  • Basics to manage your doshic imbalances and move towards a yogic lifestyle of balance.
  • Yogic conceptions of mind (Samkhya philosophy)
  • Mantras for improving health and longevity, 
  • Yogic psychology—the power of the mind in creating balance and health.
  • Meditation and Advanced Asana provides you with the support, practice, and guidance needed to bring all facets of your being into the single focus of yoga leadership.

You will be able to:

  • Apply all 8 limbs of yoga into your daily life
  • Customize your yoga classes for balancing the doshas, create themed courses, classes and retreats
  • Teach one-on-one yoga sessions applying Ayurvedic principles
  • Use yoga, meditation, and pranayama to address imbalances
  • Teach seasonal flows, especially for the transitions between the seasons
  • Teach classes that are designed by time of day
  • Use a unique teaching methodology that integrates modifications, variations, and hands-on assists, you learn how to make the benefits of meditation and advanced asana accessible to your students
  • Make use of opportunities to develop your skills and build confidence through one-on-one sessions and evaluated practice-teaches
  • Apply your mastery and depth to the heart of your teaching
  • Guide Meditation for Transformational experience
  • Be a stand for equity, ancestral roots and indigenous wisdom

Grads and Students share their experiences of the training:

“As a yoga teacher and as someone who works in the social justice nonprofit space, I found it was a perfect integration of my worlds.”

- Yoga Teacher and Nonprofit Leader

“It is such a labor of love, provides clear steps to honoring yoga and offering a class which honors yoga.”

- Yoga Teacher

“I had high hopes for this program and it surpassed my expectations! I really loved the way that the content was ordered and progressed. Every week felt like it was built with great intention. So much diverse information was included but there was never any pressure to do more than I could at any time.”

- Yoga Teacher + Studio Owner

Overview of Training

The YTT 200 online course is delivered through a variety of modalities supportive to all learning styles. 

  • Live group experiences
  • Realtime teaching and demo feedback
  • Beautiful PDF manual, handouts and resources
  • Short, interactive videos
  • Audio meditations
  • Fun exploratory homeplay and practice

Experience of Training Online in YTT 200

  • Build a supportive and like minded community of folks who share your values
  • Including, Interactive, live video 
  • Highly engaging sessions, accessible and geared towards multiple learning styles
  • Holistic approach to science and spirituality 
  • Create your own signature style yoga flow and meditation guidance
  • Cultivate your own style of teaching while supported and guided by the Shankaracharya hatha yoga tradition. 

Benefits of Online Learning

  • Train with an expert YTT leader who has trained hundreds of students in person and online for over a decade. 
  • Incredible guest teachers
  • Learn and absorb at your own pace
  • Review course materials instantly
  • Track progress at all times
  • Save time and gain depth of training and knowledge
  • Receive multi-faceted, personalized support
  • Lower carbon footprint 
  • Easy and convenient
  • Gain access to an experience of yoga you can’t get anywhere else

By the end of this training, you will:

  • Have a strong home yoga practice
  • Be trained in trauma informed and accessible teaching methods
  • Know how to honor yoga’s roots
  • Feel super confident growing your student-base & teaching to larger and larger groups
  • Bust through blocks that had you feeling scared and playing small
  • Understand anatomy and be able to apply it in yoga class
  • Know and use the subtle body and chakras easily 
  • Be adept at mantra and mudra
  • Know the many different styles of yoga
  • Have your special, unique style of teaching
  • Know how to teach all kinds of students
  • Be a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher when you complete all requirements

Results you will get:

  • Clear sequences and teach a yoga class
  • Know how to teach kids, seniors and those with injuries
  • Know what students and clients are looking for
  • Avoid the most common newbie yoga teacher mistakes
  • Confidence and clarity with exactly how to share your unique style of yoga
  • Clear, doable steps to make money doing what you love in a sustainable career that supports and nourishes you as you share your gifts with the world
  • Have at least 2 offerings scripted and ready to go whether you want to do studios, events, packages or privates or just add on to your wellness business
  • Unshakeable confidence; Ready to teach to large groups, small and privates

The 200 Hour YTT regular price is $4,400. Currently, there is a special offer that is a significant discount on that price depending on the payment you select. You can choose between:

1. 8 month Payment Plan: A non-refundable deposit of $800 due now with 8 subsequent monthly payments of $399/month ($400 savings)

2. Or, pay in full now at $3697 ($700 savings)

This special offer expires on Dec 9, 2020. However, we recommend applying now to avoid disappointment as our previous YTT spots filled up in 5 days.

What makes this Yoga
Teacher Training (YTT) different?

We honor, train and share the whole, authentic tree of yoga. 

ROOTS - EXPLORE and honor where yoga comes from.  

TRUNK - CENTER in self, our practice,  history, ancestors, practices of yoga. Inquire within to inner truth and empowerment.

BRANCHES - CONNECT in the Diversity of Community. Practice and teach as many of the limbs as possible with fire, power and passion.

GLOBAL CANOPY - WHOLE of Interconnected Yoga - Move beyond asana. Teach and practice ethics, breath,  philosophy, lifestyle. Live Yoga. Share your gifts with creativity, skill and depth.


• When does the YTT 200 start?

Everything kicks off for the YTT on January 4th, 2021!

• Where are live calls?

We meet for our calls on Zoom.

• Is the training Yoga Alliance certified?

Yes. We are a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance, ID 12152. Graduates of this upcoming training should be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance at the 200-Hour level. Once you complete all requirements and log your hours experience, you are 200-Hour RYT. Yoga Alliance is extending the online teaching exemption through 2021 for Registered Yoga School members who apply and meet qualification requirements. Yoga Alliance has assured us that graduates who begin online should still be eligible for YA registration. No one will be "turned away" for studying at home (assuming all your graduation requirements are met online). We approve each student individually in our Yoga Alliance School Dashboard once graduation is complete. We may also have an in person training and retreat to serve you in person - this will be at an additional cost if you choose this option. Upon completion of the program and all requirements you will receive a certificate designating your a trained Yoga Teacher with 200+ hours in the Hatha Yoga Tradition. 

How long have you been teaching yoga?

I’m a born teacher! My family lineage are teachers and Ayurvedic practitioners! I absolutely love to teach -and think about how people learn almost obsessively. So you’ll get an incredibly hands on, project based and innovative experience. 

I've been teaching yoga since 2008. I have studied yoga my whole life through my family lineage, but formally undertook training in 2001. I studied with various teachers in India and in the United States and when I returned from India in 2008 my teacher requested that as I return home, I share the true essence of what yoga is with as many people as possible. Since I was already an educator with a Masters degree, teaching English and History, I first began teaching my high school students! From there, a number of friends asked me to teach them, which I did after school in the evenings. And this kept happening until the Yoga School I now run was born.

What is the experience like? What do the sessions look like and feel like?

Inside the course portal you’ll get the core content for each module. You can explore, learn and do this content on your own time and schedule. 

We have experiential, interactive and fun! live training sessions each week on Mondays 2 - 4:30PM EST or 7 - 9:30 PM EST. You attend one of these. (Note: call times subject to change at our discretion).  During these live sessions each class might look and feel a bit like this: 

  • Ritual YTT Opening and Welcome
  • Drop in
  • Core content shared
  • Breakout sessions
  • Discussion or art and experiential learning
  • Guided teaching
  • Group teaching
  • Share and Q and A
  • Ritual YTT Closing

We may mix and match from the above to create an engaging experience in every session. 

We will also be going “offline” together to do art, music, dancing, ritual, journaling, working with the elements, candle gazing  - and other fun, creative and elemental things that enliven our YTT 200 deep dive. 

• How does the YTT 200 support our students of color and other underestimated folks?

As a training school committed to equity and inclusion we make every effort to support our students of color and underrepresented and underestimated folks. We know that it is not an accident that yoga in the West looks like it does and we actively seek to change this in our teaching faculty, support staff, student body and practices. 

In addition to the guest teaching faculty who are majority BIPOC, we have three mentor support staff of different backgrounds who will be present to learn, support students with curriculum as well as hold space for the entire YTT. As a training school we prioritize voices of color and other marginalized folks and we hold commitments that our students agree to. We also know that white supremacy is the air we breathe and as such we cannot provide an environment free of white supremacy but we can make every attempt to address it if and where it arises by calling in. 

We require all faculty and students to understand and participate in Ignite Yoga School’s commitment of fostering an environment welcoming and attentive to people of color, queer and trans people, disabled people, low-income people, people of various body sizes, and other underrepresented communities. This involves developing an awareness or inquiry regarding language used to discuss various concepts, and an awareness of how racism, ableism, fatphobia, homophobia and anti-LGBTQIA prejudice, transphobia, classism, or misogyny may show up in the yoga classroom.  We also ensure that learning is supportive of various learning styles, and when teaching asana, online or in person, we do not single out any student by name and always will get multiple forms of consent before providing any hands-on adjustments. Prior to starting the training our non-BIPOC white allies are required to do exploration into their white identities and how to be anti-racist accomplices and allies. 

Lastly, we offer a handful of scholarships to BIPOC students to make this training more accessible. To apply for a scholarship email booking@ignitebewell.com with email subject “YTT Scholarship Request” and in your email ask for the scholarship application form to be sent to you. Once you fill out the form our team will be in touch with an outcome. Thanks in advance for your patience as we review these!

What if I have to miss a live session?

We understand! Life happens. If you have to miss a session, that is understandable and we have built in some wiggle room.  Do please notify the YTT teaching team and your “ YTT buddy” as soon as possible. There will be make up sessions available.

Please check with a buddy to review any material you may have missed, and check the Course Portal and Facebook group for homeplays. 

We’ve got you covered. All of the live recordings and the retreats will be loaded inside the Course Portal for you to watch the replays at any time. 

Also, remember, the Core Content for each module is inside your course portal - so you can easily get ahead - and catch up - all on your own time.

We are honored to be a flagship training school. We have trained hundreds of students in person and online. The quality of our yoga education is recognized worldwide. We consult to various yoga organizations to help mprove the quality of all teacher trainings worldwide. 

When you train with us you are joining a team. We carry a lineage of authentic yoga from India updated for the modern world.

We focus on true community, authentic yoga and yoga leadership.  All ranges of flexibility and practice are celebrated. You get more attention to your individual growth and practice.

We are devoted to your future - 90% of our graduates become practicing yoga instructors and achieve more happiness and success within their field of teaching yoga while creating equity. 

We are excited to support your next level of yoga as you deepen your practice.

It is your moment to invoke your yoga leadership with love, grace and truth.

It is time, now more than ever, to move into being the leader you are meant to be. Sharing the gifts that only you have. We are here to support your remembering, your truth, your own ancestral wisdom with the heart of yoga. When this journey of yoga happens to you, it is beyond space and time, beyond place or location, and it’s yours to keep forever.

You ignite your most authentic and highest self.  It doesn't matter whether you can touch your toes, or what you're wearing, whether you feel like a leader or not, ready or not, you just need a WHOLE HEARTED YES! an open mind and heart and a willingness to grow. Become a stand for equity and roots in yoga in your life, online, in your community and in the world.

I can’t wait to get started on this journey with you!

Susanna Barkataki

Founder & Director of Education